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Family Membership:

Everyone in the same household (up to 4)

$2,600 Non-Residents 

$2,000 AB Residents Only

Single Membership:

Any person 18 and above.

$1,500 Non Residents

$1075 AB Residents Only

Please Print, Fill Out and Sign Forms


                                                                       Included In your Membership:

                                                                         Unlimited Free Court time

                                                                    Sat 12-1:30pm Adult Camp $10 Clinic

                                                            Wed 11-12:30pm Women's Only Zone Free

                                                                     Friday 4:30-6pm Men's Only Zone

                                                     Sunday Kids Camp 11-1:30  $50 Non-members $65


Advance Booking Privileges:

Members are allowed to book lessons and courtime one week in advance, versus 24Hrs for non-members, ensuring that members always have priority for booking prime time. In addition, by purchasing a seasonal lesson package, members are able to reserve their lesson time for the entire season. For more information on these packages, see the lessons section of our site.

Club Rules:

  1. The same person may not be a guest of the Club more than four (4) times per season.

  2. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy for all lessons and court reservations, otherwise you will be charged.

  3. We reserve the right to cancel memberships. (NO Refund)

  4. 1.5% per month finance charge will be levied on all accounts more than 30 days past due.

  5. A credit card number must be supplied in order to establish a charge account. The card will be charged at the end of each day during the season.

  6. No more than 6 BALLS PER COURT, DUE TO OUR INSURANCE POLICY.. even when you hire a hitter.

  7. No outside Pros Permitted to teach at ABC MORALES TENNIS.


Please print and read all rules and regulations sign and drop off with Membership Application


                                                        To join or more information Please email us at



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